The Romagnolo Family

The Romagnolo Family

Monday, February 5, 2018

Parenting and Being Silly

In my blog last week, I referenced Angela Thomas' book, "52 Things Kids Need From A Mom."  I am really learning so much as I read this book.  God has really been giving me opportunities this past week to practice my parenting with grace.  😄

Another chapter in this book talks about how "Kids Need Their Mom To Be Silly".  Angela talks about how being silly does not come naturally to her.  I read this and thought, "Yes!  This woman GETS me!!!"  I grew up with both types of parents.  One was silly and one was not.  For some reason it is easier for me to be sillier with teenagers and my friends, then it is with my kids.  I don't know why it is so hard.  It is very uncomfortable for me to be silly with my kids on a regular basis.  I feel like I am more serious then I am silly with my girls.

I don't want my girls growing up and remembering that their mother was all business and no fun.  One of Angela's suggestions was to have a crazy hat night at dinner.  Everyone is required to come to the dinner table with a crazy hat on.  I thought, "I can try that."

Spring semester is so crazy for us.  I am at my school 6 out of 7 days for a lot of the semester.  My girls love being at my school, but it is very busy and not a lot of down time.  Mommy is usually very tired too.  I am trying to do little things to spend time with my girls and give them fun memories.

This past Friday we started crazy hat/hair night at the table.  One child embraced it.  The other thought it was ridiculous.  That could have also been because she was losing out in participating in a family activity later that night for having made poor choices during school.  😢  Since the rule was that you had to wear one if you wanted dinner, she quickly embraced it.  😂

After dinner, my youngest and I went to my room and played a couple rounds of Uno on my bed.  My girls love family game night.  I've realized that I haven't taken advantage of that like I should.  That is going to change though.

I am also trying to squeeze in a family movie night where we cuddle under the covers in my bed and watch a movie together.  This past weekend we watched Cars 3.  I learned this past summer when we were in close quarters and constantly together for 5 weeks, that my girls LOVE it.  I let the busy-ness of the school year get in the way.  That is changing this semester!

What do you do to be silly in your family?  What traditions do you have?  I am still a work in progress, but I am trying.  😄

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