The Romagnolo Family

The Romagnolo Family

Saturday, February 3, 2018

2018 WDW Marathon Weekend Kids Races

The kids races at the 2018 runDisney Marathon Weekend were special for us in several ways this year.  The first reason is that this was Mia's last runDisney race. She is not a runner. My sweet girl has been running these races to humor her mommy.  To her delight, runDisney changed the races that they offered this time.  The last two runDisney races she has run the 400 meter dash.  This time around they only offered the diaper dash, 100 and 200 meter dashes.  A cast member told me at the races that they are only offering those races from now on.  Mia was excited to only have to run the 200 meter dash.

The second special thing about these races was that my family was in Orlando.  It was so fun and special for the girls to have my sister and her family and my dad at the Kids Races.

The only days that they offered the Kids Races were Friday and Saturday.  I signed the girls up for the Friday races since I was running the half on Saturday and knew that I would be even more pressed for time then on Friday after the 10K.  After the 10K I ran back to our resort to get us ready.  Mia's race started at 11:15 and Lyla's one mile race started at 1:00 pm.  I went ahead and grabbed us lunch at our resort while we waited for our family to meet us.  It took a little bit for our bus to show up.  We thought that we were going to miss Mia's race (which she was very happy about 😂).

When we got to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex we discovered that they were still finishing up with the 100 meter dash.  Mia and I went ahead and got in line for the 200 meter dash.  There were a lot of kids there and we had gotten there late, so we were in the back of the pack.  When they finally started the race, they let the kids go in waves.  We had awhile to go since we were in the way back.  I love doing these races with Mia.  I run them with her and we run side by side.  She did a great job.

In between kids races I ran to over the Expo Hall to look at the runDisney merchandise since I didn't have time to do it on Wednesday night.  The girls took this time to color at the GoGo Squeeze tent with my friend Meredith.

A little bit before 1:00 pm, Lyla and I headed over to the start for the one mile race.  Lyla has been doing these races herself, so I stayed with her until the race started and then headed over to the finish line to cheer her on.  Once your child finishes the race, you show a cast member a ticket that you ripped off of your child's race bib before the race starts in order to get them back.

I'm so proud of my girls.  They both did a great job at the races.  Mia was able to high five Mickey, but there were too many kids crowding Minnie, so Lyla couldn't high five her.  The kids races were so much fun.  We loved having family there to cheer too.

After the races, we all headed back to my resort to part ways.  The girls and I had a meet up at Ample Hills Creamery off of the Boardwalk with our friends from Joyful Miles, Rez Runs, Heather Jergensen (from Running with Grace) & Kimberly Estabrook.  If you haven't met these guys, they are awesome people!  We also took our first ride in the Minnie Van service provided by Disney.

The girls and I couldn't stay long because we had a reservation with another group of friends at Via Napoli in Italy in World Showcase.  The service was slow but the food was delish.  As we were walking into the park Lyla asked, "why aren't we riding any rides?"  😂  Race weekends are super hard when you have so many days of 2:00 am wake up calls.  We did get a nice surprise as we entered the park though!

Once the meal was over, we headed back to our resort because I had one more race to get ready for the next day.  Saturday I would be running the Half Marathon and my last race for the weekend.  Stay tuned for my recap on that coming soon.  In the meantime, you can watch my video recap of the kids races here.

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