The Romagnolo Family

The Romagnolo Family

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2018 WDW Marathon Weekend Half Marathon

Saturday morning, January 6th was a very cool 39 degrees.  It was warmer than the days before, but it was still cold.  I mentioned in my previous race recaps that this runDisney race weekend experience was very different from previous runDisney races.  The weather was one factor, but I also did not run these races like I normally do.  I had a few friends that needed to walk for various reasons, so I walked with them so that we would have each other.  I didn't realize until this race just how different running and walking races are.  Not that I ever have, but I will for sure never mock power walkers!  I trained to run these races.  When I run, I do a run/walk/run interval of 90 seconds/30 seconds.  At the Disney races I also have time to rest while I wait in line for character photos.  When you are walking these races and you are only 2 corals ahead of the Balloon Ladies (sweepers), there is no resting or even stopping for character pictures.  We were trying to maintain a 14 -16 minute mile pace for 13.1 miles.  I've had friends say, "A 16 minute mile pace?  That's nothing!"  Yes, but when you have to maintain that speed for 13.1 miles?  That's hard on your body.  Or, maybe I'm just a wimp.  😂

This morning was just like the other two mornings with a 2:30 am wake up call and on the bus by 3:30am.  I met the rest of my friends at the race like before.  For the half marathon a group of us from our running group decided to dress as the Kakamoras from Moana.  See the resemblance?  😄

We got a few pre-race pictures with characters before we headed to the corals.  There is a further walk to the corals for the half and we wanted to be in the first or second wave of our coral (E).  I loved being able to spend this time with my friends Jamie and Cori.  Getting through these races with friends by your side has become a must.  It's so much better with friends.  We didn't stop for characters along the course, but we got every mile marker and other pictures along the course.  I stole pictures from my friends Angie, Cori and Becky though for my recaps.   😄

I loved the half marathon course for this race because it took us through Magic Kingdom.  I love running through Magic Kingdom.  I made sure to get a jump shot in front of  the castle.

We didn't stop for much else though.  It wasn't until we were on the overpass to Epcot that we realized that we were way ahead of the Balloon Ladies.  I'm not gonna lie.  I was ready to slow it way down at that point, but Jamie and Cori wanted to just be done.  I kind of don't blame them.  I did make them stop in Epcot so that I could use a real potty.  😂  This was a hard race, but I wouldn't have missed the opportunity to do it with my sweet friends.

After the race, Jamie and I met up with her husband John.  Jamie had a nice surprise for the three of us.  Normally when we run three races at Disney, we walk away with 4 medals because we get a challenge medal.  The 10K and Half Marathon are usually a challenge race.  The only challenges for this weekend were the Goofy (the half and full marathon) and the Dopey (all 4 races).  Since we were only getting 3 medals for our 3 races, we would joke around that we were doing the "Grumpy Challenge".  Well, Jamie designed and made us our very own "Grumpy Challenge" medal!  I love it!  It's probably my favorite medal from the whole weekend!

We all parted ways soon after that.  I went back to my resort to shower and take a much needed nap.  While my girls watched tv (I know...great mom moment), I took a little nap.  I was wiped.  After my nap, we headed to do laundry and then we were able to walk up and get a table at Olivia's Cafe.  If you have never tried Olivia's, I highly recommend it!  We've had breakfast, lunch and dinner there.  We've always had great service there too.  When we were through with lunch, we headed over to the Community Hall at our resort where I made a sign to cheer for our friends that were running the marathon the next morning and my girls painted piggy banks.  I love Old Key West.  The Cast Members are awesome!  Before we left the Community Hall we checked out a movie and then stopped in the general store to grab frozen meals for our dinner.  We spent the rest of the night relaxing with dinner and a movie in our room.

We had to make sure that we got to bed at a decent hour because Lyla and I had an early morning on Sunday.  We were getting up to go with our friends Jamie and John to cheer for our other friends that were running the marathon.  That recap is coming soon!  In the meantime, be sure to check out some of my video recap from Marathon Weekend here.

Until next time,