The Romagnolo Family

The Romagnolo Family

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The 2017 Plano Balloon Festival 5K

     Today was the Plano Balloon Festival 5K.  This was my second time to do it.  Last year I was trying to PR (have a personal record).  This year I didn't care so much about that because my sweet Lyla-Boo was going to be running it with me.

We also had our friends Wanda and Kelly (who was able to attain a bib at the last minute) with us.

 Since we live so close to the Balloon Festival, we just walked to the starting line.  While we walked there, we just let Lyla talk our ears off.  She was very excited for her race and was FULL of energy.  😃
     There was a good crowd and lots of good energy.  I feel like last year's race was more crowded and harder to maneuver through.  It could've been because I was so focused on my time.  This year I just wanted to enjoy it with my daughter and friends.  The race began at 7:30 am.  We were off!  I let Lyla set our pace.  We laughed because she would run for a little bit, then asked to walk.  That would last for 5-10 seconds and then she was off again.  Instead of the Jeff Galloway training plan, we had the "Lyla-Boo Training Plan".
     As we rounded the corner of Spring Creek and Jupiter, we knew that we were going to have some cheerleaders waiting for us.  My oldest daughter, Mia, and our friend Jenna were there cheering for us as we ran by.  The course took us to Los Rios where we turned right.  That's where we hit the water stop.  A little past that was the entrance to Oak Point Preserve.  We turned into that, ran a little bit and then made a u-turn back to the way we came.  We got to hit up the water stop once more and then we were well on our way to the finish.
     I enjoyed this race so much more this year.  The weather was perfect for balloon lift offs and we got to see so many balloons in the air during our run.

 There were so many families running with their kids.  It was fun to run this race with my daughter and my friends.  Wanda and Kelly were so sweet to stay with us and follow however Lyla led us.  Not only are these ladies my running friends, but they are my Disney friends.  I am so grateful for them and their encouragement.
  Check out our medal!  It is so pretty!

The Plano Balloon Festival did a great job!  I can't wait to earn two more tomorrow for doing the Sky High Challenge.  You get the Sky High Challenge for running the 5K and the Half.  This is the first year that they are doing it and I'm super excited!  More bling?  Yes please!  😄

Check out my interview with Lyla about her thoughts on her second 5K.  Look out for my recap on the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon coming soon.

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