The Romagnolo Family

The Romagnolo Family

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The 2017 Balloon Festival Half Marathon

     This morning was the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon.  This was my first half marathon a year ago.  I remember it being so fun last year, so I was excited to run it again.  Today, it was my 6th half marathon but the first one that I've run since last March.  My friend Wanda was doing this race with me again and met me at my place so that we could walk to the starting line again.

This is the temperature that was greeting us.

Not a good sign when you see 90% humidity.  

We found the 2:35 pacers.  I was hoping that I would be able to keep up with them through out the race.

I was kicking butt and taking names the first 3 miles.  I did pretty well keeping up with them, even up Los Rios.  It was so hot though that the 11:30ish pace was making me want to throw up as we went up Los Rios.  It was right around Ranch Estates that I really started losing them.  But, to be fair, I was stopping to take pics of the sights.

I trained on this rode for my long runs and he had never been out to say hi, until today.

Can you see how red my face was at miles 4-5?  It was HOT!

This was in front of one of my old student's house!  😍

At that point, the 2:40 pacers were starting to pass me.  I was trying really hard to keep up.  At some point, maybe about mile 6 or 7, I knew that I wasn't going to PR.  Rather than get frustrated, I decided to keep pace with my friend Wanda and enjoy running with a friend.  I knew that there were hills in the neighborhoods, but I think that I had blocked out how many and that there was an elevation gain of 319 feet.  😁

Wanda and I did a lot of walking.  It was the only way to survive, especially during miles 10-12 when there was NO shade as we ran through Oak Point Preserve.  I didn't stop for selfies with the first several mile markers because I was trying to keep up.  After awhile I said "who cares".  😃  We stopped.

The Plano Festival puts on a great race.  I hate that the weather played such a factor in today's race.  It's a beautiful course and there were PLENTY of water/gatorade stops.  We never questioned which way to run because there was always a volunteer to point us in the right direction.  Some of those volunteers were phenomenal.  They were loud and rowdy, cheering us on.  Many made signs for us...

Thank you to all of the volunteers and to the Plano Police and Fire Departments for being out there for us today!  You guys rock!  

     Wanda and I were so happy to be rounding the corner to the finish.  I especially was because I knew that I was going to have two of the cutest cheerleaders waiting for me!  For an added bonus, I had one of my students that had gotten up early on a Sunday morning to come cheer me across the finish line!

Thanks Ryan!  You made my day!  I loved the sign!

One of my children must have gotten a hold of my friend's phone.  😂

I loved seeing these cuties at the finish with their signs!

After we crossed the finish, it was like my body knew it and was about to shut down.  I didn't even go straight for the medals.  I had to sit because I could feel myself ready to pass out.  I dumped water on my head and then Ryan and Lyla went and got me more.  I actually had to sit two more times before we could go get food.  Lyla and Mia made sure that I had plenty of gatorade though  They took good care of their mommy.  Oh wait, do you want to see the medals?  

They are SO pretty!!! 💜💜

Here was breakfast.

Eggs, Hashbrowns, Bacon, a Cinnamon Roll and Applesauce

I wouldn't say that I had as much fun this year as I did last year, but that really is because of the heat.  The Plano Balloon Festival did everything right.  I will definitely keep doing this race.  Be sure to check out my vlog for more of a recap.  The race recap videos will be coming soon.

Until then keep pushing toward your dreams!

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