The Romagnolo Family

The Romagnolo Family

Friday, September 15, 2017

runDisney's Virtual Running Shorts Series

     How many of you have ever wanted to participate in a runDisney race, but couldn't make it work financially or otherwise?  Well, last year runDisney introduced a new race that anyone and EVERYONE could participate.  They began the Virtual Running Shorts Series.  What is that and what does that mean for you?  Many races are offering Virtual Races to go along with their races now.  This means that you can run the distance of the chosen race on your schedule and in a location that is convenient to you.  You can do the miles on a treadmill, in your neighborhood, on your favorite trail, with friends or by yourself and you can run or walk them.  Many races will mail you the finisher medal after the specified race date.
     runDisney got in on this and they were smart.  runDisney races are not cheap when you factor in registration, transportation to Disney World, or Disneyland, lodging, food, park tickets, race costumes, etc.  I know that we cut out so many things in our day to day life so that we can afford these races and trips.  If you've always wanted one of those beautiful runDisney medals, you can now have that chance.  The Virtual Running Shorts Series runs over the summer.  It starts in June and ends in August.  There are 3 races that you can choose from (one for each month) or you can do the whole series and get a challenge medal too.  If you choose to do just one or two of the races, it will cost $40 per race.  If you choose the series it will cost you $142 (before processing fees).
     I did not do the series last year.  I'm kind of regretting it now.  The first set of medals were Mickey Mouse themed.

This year several of my friends in my running Facebook Group were doing it so I succumbed to peer pressure and signed up.😄  One of our members set up one weekend each month when we would virtually run together.  Once we ran our races, we would share it with each other.  I'm not sure when runDisney shipped my medals, but I know that they arrived in early July while we were out of town.  All 4 medals were shipped at once in a nice box.  Each medal is individually wrapped.  It's a very fun box to open.

Right before you run your 3.1 miles, you can go to the runDisney website and download your race bib.

You get to personalize your race bib!

 Once you finish your 3.1 miles, you can then enter them on the runDisney website to get your Finisher's Certificate.

For my first race, I chose to take it to the treadmill because it's HOT in Texas in the summer.  😃  For the month of July I was on the road.  I had forgotten to pack my race bib and didn't want to bother my friends or family to use their printers, so I just ran without it.

I did my July run in beautiful Long Island, NY.

My August run was part of one of long training runs for my upcoming half marathon.  Even though I was home, I forgot all about my race bib until I got home, but at least I got a picture with it.  😄

A beautiful, hot Texas August morning run.

There is nothing like experiencing a runDisney race in Disney World or I imagine in Disneyland, but if you can't do one of those your next best option is to participate in the Virtual Running Series.  Grab a few friends and go out and do it together.    Will I do this again?  Yes!  I love the medals and I loved cheering on my friends virtually.  

 Did you participate in the Virtual Running Shorts Series?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  What would you like to see for the medals designs for next year?  I would love to see some Pixar themes.  I wonder if they might try Goofy or Donald next.  What are your thoughts?

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