The Romagnolo Family

The Romagnolo Family

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas With Our Elves 2016

I decided that this year I would document our lives with our Elves on the Shelf in my blog.  That way I can not only share ideas with all of you, but I can have a reminder for me of what they did this year. 😊 Our Elves are named Eugene and Isabelle.  Eugene was first given to me by a sweet parent in December of 2011. πŸ˜‚ He did not officially come to visit our family until Christmas of 2012.  The girls named him Eugene because they were really into the movie Tangled at the time.  No complaints from Mommy, seeing that Rapunzel is my favorite Princess!  Last Christmas (2015), Eugene brought a friend whom was named Isabelle by Lyla.  I will also add a side note here.  I have never believed in using Santa or Elves as a tool to threaten or bribe a child to be good. Our Elves are just something fun to add to the season.   But, if the Elves forget to move and the kids happened to be naughty the night before...I'm just sayin'....

If you remember from this post, I've decided to keep it simple this year.  Normally, our elves make a return right after Thanksgiving.  It wasn't happening this year.  They were going to come back on December 1st, but Mommy was all snug in her bed under the covers when she remembered.  Not.Happening.  They decided to come back for a visit on the morning of the 3rd.  Follow along for our journey with our Elves this month. I'll update this post on a weekly basis and then let you know.  πŸ˜Š

December 3rd:
Eugene was greeted with lots of LOUD squeals and screams of joy from Mia & Lyla.  I'm pretty sure that Lyla spent close to 5 minutes talking to them!

December 4th:
Just hanging around...

December 5th:
Lyla - "Mommy! Why didn't the elves move last night?"
Me - in my head "Oh crap!" Out loud - "I don't know.  Maybe they liked that spot?  Oh wait, you remember how you behaved at bedtime last night?"
Lyla - in a sad voice, "yes."
Me - "Maybe that's why they didn't move."
Lyla - "Did they lose their magic?"
Me - "No, but I'm sure that they were too sad to move."
Whew!  Dodged that one!  There is now a daily reminder in Mommy's phone...

December 6th:
Eugene and Isabelle obviously forgot our rule about no TV during the school week.

December 7th:
Bubble Baths are the best!  Lyla wanted to eat the "bubbles."

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