The Romagnolo Family

The Romagnolo Family

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Haunt Jaunt Fun Run and 5K

One year ago, I wanted to start getting my girls more involved with me on my fitness journey.  I signed them both up for Plano's Haunt Jaunt Fun Run (1 mile race).  For this race, you got to dress up in costumes.

Haunt Jaunt Fun Run 2015

Since I started running this past January, I continue to get the girls involved.  For most of the races, I make sure that they are there (with a babysitter of course) at the finish line to cheer for me.

My 2nd race, Hot Chocolate Run 5K, February 2015
Color Run, March 2015
Plano Pacers 8K, April 2015
Run Like A Mother 5K, May 2015

In the pouring rain at the finish line of my first Half Marathon, September 2015

Over the past 10 months, I've had them participate in a few races too.  Plano Pacers offers a Kids 1K after their races.  Lyla also ran a 1 mile race by herself last May at Rock the Block.

Mia is not a fan of the whole running thing and usually ends up walking.  Lyla on the other hand has embraced running.  I'm fine with both.  Since we are headed to Disney in a week to run at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon, I've been adding more races/training to their schedule.  In September, they did the Plano Balloon Festival 1K.  Lyla ran it and said, "Mommy that was a short one!".  Mia walked the entire thing.  That's okay.  She still got her medallion!  

Since then, I've taken Mia onto the track a few times so that she will know exactly how long her race will be at Disney next week (500 meters).  A few weeks ago, Lyla and I did the Haunt Jaunt Fun Run (1 mile).  I wanted her to know and get the feel for how far she'd be running at Disney too.  We went a little easier with our costume this year so that she would feel comfortable to run.  She was a trip.  She wanted to get to the very front of the start line.  She was ready to go!

Our running outfits (you might see these at our Disney race next week)

We started and that girl was off.  She ended up not being able to run the mile without stopping because her tummy started to hurt.  That was completely Mommy's fault.  I should know better, but I let her eat 3 hot dogs 2 hours before the race.  I know, I know.  Epic Fail Mom!!  We still had a good time.  At the 1/2 mile they get a piece of candy and then turn around and come back.  I was very proud of my girl.  After we ran the 1 mile, I went to change into my 5K outfit and Lyla joined her sister and are close friends to go get In & Out who was giving out free food at this event!

A little bit after the Fun Run ended, the 5K began.  This was my first night run.  I was super excited.  This was a fun race to run.  It was cool running in the evening and they had a lot of "spooky" entertainment along the course. I will definitely be doing this one again.  It's a great, family friendly event.  I really wanted to PR this race.  If you don't know runners lingo, that means have a personal record.  Well, I did it! When I started running in January, my time was at 38 minutes.  My time for this race was 33:23!!  Woo-hoo! This just goes to show that hard work really does pay off.  Don't give up!!

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