The Romagnolo Family

The Romagnolo Family

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Things: Part 2

In my previous post I shared with you a few of my favorite things to have pre-running, during running or post running.  I have just a few more to add to that list today.  J

Since I will be trying my hand at vlogging during my upcoming races, I’ll need to make sure that my phone is properly charged.  I will especially need it since I run at least 3 apps simultaneously.  My friend suggested the Mophie Charger.  I almost got it on Amazon Prime Day, but held off.  I was glad because I was able to get it for free when I upgraded my phone.  It will also be great to have while I am walking around Disney and using my Touring Plans and MyDisneyExperience apps!  J 

I had never heard of these until my friend, Cori mentioned them a few weeks ago when she ran a race in Atlanta.  I decided to give them a try.  They are super comfy!  The important thing is that you have a good, comfy pair of socks to run with.  This will help you avoid blisters and hot spots.

Salt Tablets/Sticks
Until I started running over 6 miles, I didn’t think that I would need these.  I don’t know about you, but I SWEAT!!  The first time that I ran 10 miles I noticed that my eyebrows were crusty after the run (sorry for the TMI).  I immediately went home and looked into ordering Salt Sticks or something of that nature.  I chose the brand pictured below.  When I went for my 11 mile run yesterday, I brought 1 along with me.  I took it at about 3-4 miles.  I should have probably brought two.  I’m still testing this whole process out.  I’ll keep you posted.

Body Glide
Over the past 7 months, I keep hearing my running friends talk about how important having Body Glide is.  Up until a few weeks ago, I haven’t understood why.  Since I have been running in leggings, capris leggings, or my Sparkle Skirts, I haven’t needed it for the “chub rub” (sorry again for the TMI).  When I ran 10 miles a few weeks ago, I understood why I needed Body Glide.  I got chaffing from my sports bra.  Ouch!   I immediately visited my favorite site, Amazon, and ordered it.  I also went to Walmart and found this to try why I waited on my Body Glide to come in.  For my long run yesterday, I applied the Gold Bond pre-run.  I slipped the Body Glide (or For Her) into one of the pockets of my Sparkle Skirt (remember how fabulous and handy I told you that skirt was?).  The Body Glide was small and the perfect size for my Sparkle Skirt.  I didn’t even feel it.  I was glad that I did that too because I had missed a spot on the side of my sports bra and I was able to pull it out real quick during the run.  I am happy to report that I returned from my run chaff-free yesterday.  J

Reading Material
As I have mentioned before, I am new to this running thing.  This summer, I have taken time to do a little more research on the subject.  I’ve read articles from Runner’s World and Women's Running.  I also just finished reading this book.  It was from the 90’s, but I got a lot of good info from it.  

I just ordered this book from Jeff Galloway. 

It should be in any day.  It’s important to be informed about your subject.  I now have a stack of running, choral teaching and parenting books by my bed.  I have A LOT to learn!  J

Well, there you have it folks.  These are a few of my favorite things.  What are some of your must haves or favorite things pre-running, during running or post running? 

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