The Romagnolo Family

The Romagnolo Family

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week 6 - The Year of Change

Well, my normal weekly update was thrown off by my sweet 4 yr old sharing the flu with me.  Luckily I noticed the signs in myself right away and got on tamiflu.  Even though I kicked the fever fast, the drainage and fatigue was another story.  I didn't work out again until this past Friday.  I was a little nervous going almost a whole week without working out, but I stayed with my healthy eating and was still able to lose some weight.  Whew!  It was hard.  Knowing that my group was there made so much difference for me.

I worry a little bit about falling off the band wagon during this whole process, but at the same time I can sense that this time is different.  I'm not alone on this journey.  My Challenge Group has made a world of difference.  I know that they are counting on me.  I also have those of you that have been following my journey through my blogs.  Your comments encourage me and keep me going too!

I am still in my Body Combat program.  I have 3 more weeks left in this program.  The next part of my journey will be Body Pump.  I am so excited to be doing Pump again.  All of my equipment is in.  I was so excited when it all came in that I couldn't wait to do the Step workout.  It's very similar to the Body Step classes that I used to do at the gym in Florida.  I forgot what a great lower body workout that Step was!!!

Tomorrow, my friend Claire and I start another Challenge Group.  This time, she is letting me lead it with her so that I can learn the ropes as a Coach.  I am especially excited, because my sister is joining this journey with me!!  I love that we are going to get to encourage each other.  I also have a few friends joining our group too.  This will keep me going.  It makes a difference when you know that just by staying committed, you are encouraging or pushing others.

What are my "stats" you ask?  I won't do my measurements until I'm finished my Body Combat program, but here is the rest:

My goal is to be down a total of 20 pounds by spring break.  I have about 8 more pounds to go and 4 weeks.  Keep pushing me ya'll!!  Even though I have made my work schedule the best that it has ever been in the spring, it's about to get crazy with UIL, pop show, and our choir trip.  Take one day at a time!!

Until next week my friends!  27 days until Spring Break!  I can do this (and so can you!)!

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