The Romagnolo Family

The Romagnolo Family

Monday, February 23, 2015


     I think that it is awesome how God’s timing works out.  As I am working on “The Year of Change”, my Beachbody business, and everything else that life throws at us, the character trait “Focused” comes up this week.  God knew that in the midst of a busy spring semester that is starting to kick in full gear, I would need this reminder this week.  I love this quote from Elizabeth George, “Aim at nothing and you will hit it every time.”  Jesus prepared.  She also says, “Success is when preparation meets opportunity.”  If I want to live with purpose, I need to focus my heart, my time, and my priorities.  Be intentional EVERY day.  I was also reminded of God’s faithfulness too.  We will have temptation in life, but God is always there and always provides a way out.  This is where being prepared comes in.  Are we allowing ourselves to get in these situations?  For example, in my new fitness journey do I prepare and plan?  Do I evaluate my week to schedule in my workouts?  Do I evaluate my day ahead the night before and make plans to be successful with my eating (packing the right foods and/or enough snacks).  If I leave everything up to chance, I’m setting myself up to fall into temptation.  This can apply to so many other areas of our lives…dating, finances, etc.  

     This week’s lesson also convicted me of another area of my life that I have not been consistent in.  When I lived in Florida, I used to be pretty good about praying for others daily.  I had a list and each day of each week, certain friends or family members were lifted up in prayer.  I’ve gotten out of that habit.  I made my list again and hope that I can make that a daily habit.  Also, I realized that it’s okay to pray for your goals and dreams.  Leave them at the feet of Jesus.  Ask Him to make His goals and dreams and your goals and dreams the same.  Do you pray for your goals and dreams? 

            Jesus knew from the very beginning what His purpose was.  He kept pushing through and staying focused no matter what.  He did not give up or give in.  I can apply this to my workouts right now.  It’s super hard to get up early in the morning, but if I keep doing it and working out consistently, in the end I’ll be healthier and look better.  I know that this cannot even compare to what Jesus had to go through, but for me and my life, this is where I am right now.  I have some friends that are going through the wilderness right now.  They feel alone and their 40 days and nights have turned into years.  I can’t even imagine.  I pray that they can just keep pushing forward and trusting God.  His Word says that He will never leave us or forsake us.  Sometimes it’s hard to see that when you are in the valley.  Every time that Jesus was tempted to give in or give up, God sent an angel.  I pray that God will send His angels to encourage those of you in the valley right now. 

Philippians 4:11-13 and vs. 19 says that God will always meet our needs.  My prayer is that I (& all of us) will stay focused on His provision and His purpose for my (our) life.   For so many years, God has placed ministering to women (especially teen girls) on my heart.  Before I became a mom, I used to work in the high school ministry at my church.  Once I became a mom, I had to stop and focus on my new ministry, my children.   Since I am a high school choir director, I still get to build relationships with teenagers and be a positive influence in their lives.  I have been wondering though…how in my CRAZY (I mean CRAZY) schedule can I still minister to and encourage others?  I think that God has opened the door through this blog and my Beachbody business.  I want to honor God in all that I do.  I want to stay focused on His will. 

Elizabeth George ends this chapter with a list from Titus 2:3-5 on
 how we can know God’s purpose in our lives.  I read this and immediately asked one of my old students to paint this on a canvas for me so that I can hang it in my room.  Here it is:
                        1.  Be godly in your behavior.
                        2.  Be truthful and kind in your speech.
                        3.  Be disciplined and self-control.
                        4.  Be a teacher and encourager of good things.
5.  Be devoted to your Husband (I capitalized this one because I am not married and therefore God is my Husband).
6.  Be devoted to your children.
7.  Be discreet and wise in your actions.
8.  Be chaste and pure inside and out.
9.  Be focused on your home.
10.  Be kind and good to all.

I want to be a woman who lives like this this.  I have so much further to go.  We all do.  Let’s do this journey together!  Let’s be women who encourage each other in our goals and dreams, to live focused lives, and to glorify God in our lives.  Until next week my friends…

Be Blessed!


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