The Romagnolo Family

The Romagnolo Family

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 4 - The Year of Change

Even though we were off from school this past Monday, it felt like the longest week.  Anybody else?  I decided to change up my workout routine a little and I switched up to the Ultimate Warrior Hybrid workout schedule for Body Combat.  This one has DVD's for more intense upper body and lower body workouts.  It also has a 20 minute "Core Attack" workout and then a 20 minute stretch workout.  I enjoyed it.  My arms and core were very sore the next day though.  :)  I am still enjoying all of the workouts.  My Challenge Group has been such an inspiration to me.  They keep encouraging this tired mamma.  They are some very sweet ladies.
I'm happy that I've been staying on my eating and even making good choices.  My Shakeology has really been helping me with those cravings and keeping me full.  My good friend Judi invited the girls and I to have dinner with her at Cracker Barrel this past Friday night.  We LOVE Cracker Barrel.  I hadn't had a chance to have my afternoon snack yet, when she invited us so I drank my shake.  That helped me from losing self control at CB.  I chose from the lighter menu and got their Catfish with broccoli and a sweet potato.
 It really was yummy!  I've been kind of winging my dinners each night (I'll figure it out that morning).  This week, I laid out a menu for the next 2 weeks.  I found a bunch of new recipes on Pinterest that I'm going to try.  I'm excited.  I keep my breakfast and lunch pretty much the same.  That's less that I have to think about.  I make my lunch, the next day's Shakeo, and Mia's lunch the night before.  That way it is one less thing to worry about in the morning so that I can focus on my workout, quiet time and getting the girls up and all of our breakfasts.
This week I've realized that not everybody is going to be on board with what I'm doing or believe in what I'm doing.  I finally had to realize that is okay.  I just have to be mindful of the amount of time that I am around them.  I want to be surrounded by others that will cheer me on (my girls are AWESOME at that) and that will believe in me and this process.  I know that some people don't believe in Shakeology.  I am now a believer.  Not only do I love the taste, but it is taking away cravings and it's great for one of my snacks (it helps that it is healthy too!).  If you're wanting to learn more about it, check out this video:

This week, I went down 3.4 more pounds.  When I took a sneak peak on Saturday, I was down 2 more pounds (my official weigh in is tomorrow).  So, I've gone from 177.8 to 168.4.  Woo-hoo!  It's been so long since I've been around this weight (summer of 2011 to be exact).  I am excited about this process.  I know that not everyone's bodies work the same way.  I'm sure that my body will slow down soon.  Some start out strong and slow down and some start slow and then pick up (with the losing weight).  I'm just taking one day at a time and trusting in this process.  If you are tired of where you're at, don't wait any longer to do something about it.  Do it for yourself.  I am excited about the new Challenge Group that is coming up starting on Feb. 9th.  I'm excited about the team of women that I am paired up with.  I love that we are here to encourage each other to be the best that we can be!

What are you doing to live a healthy lifestyle?  How are you rewarding yourself?  How are you handling those emotionally hard days?  The Romagnolo women are emotional eaters.  We tend to eat our feelings.  The past week, it has taken EVERYTHING in me not to do that.  How do you handle those moments?
I'd love to have you on my team!!!  Now is YOUR time!!

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