The Romagnolo Family

The Romagnolo Family

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week 2 - the Year of Change

Week 2 of "The Year of Change" just finished.  Whew!  I have completed week 2 of Body Combat and I am still loving it (still hating burpees though)!  I even survived the 60 minute workout session (twice!).  I haven't worked out that long for a few years.  I've made it a goal to not hit the snooze button, which I am famous for.  So far, so good.  There have been some very early mornings that made for longs days.  There were mornings that I didn't want to get up, but then I remembered all of the pictures that I've been posting or see my friend (& coach), Claire's pictures and knew that I had to do it!  My girls are counting on me!  I've laid off of the tv during the weeknights and go sit in bed and read right after I put the girls to bed and fall asleep shortly after.  I haven't been sleeping well, but I'm hoping that's just my body re-adjusting to getting back to school.  Several of my friends that I follow on Instagram are either Beach Body Coaches or Fitness Trainers and they will post their meals to encourage their team.  This week I've paid close attention to their portion sizes.  No wonder I gained 40-50 lbs!!  I thought that I would be starving when I started making my portions much smaller, but I have been fine.  I am actually enjoying my 6 small meals.  I am loving my Shakeology and have noticed that my cravings for the crazy junk that I love has started to go away.  I haven't gotten on the scale since last Monday, so I'm not sure of the progress.  I keep trying to remind myself that it is not all about the scale, but a lifestyle change.  My girls are watching me!  In fact, this morning they were off to the side doing Combat with me.  Lyla was even cheering me on, "You're doing a great job mommy!"  :)
I know that I've been posting a lot of pictures.  In fact, at first I was a little self-conscious and even insecure about it.  Would people laugh at me and make fun of me to my face or behind my back?  Then, I had to remind's not about them.  This is my journey.  I figured that if others get sick of it, they can block or unfollow me.  :)  Posting the pictures have held me accountable and I hope have encouraged others.  You can start from anywhere you are in your life right now.  I can't do every exercise, but I keep pushing through.  I know that my girls are watching me.  I know that some of my students see those pictures on Instagram.  I also know that I'm gonna see those pictures a year from now on my TimeHop app.  Ha!!  I want to inspire and encourage others.

I hope that I am encouraging others through this journey.  I have found that in my life, having accountability and people to share my journey with have helped me so much.  What keeps you going?  BTW...I took the plunge today and signed up to be a Beach Body Coach.  I am excited about the next stage of this journey!  Feel free to ask me any questions and I hope that you continue to join me on this journey!  Have a great next week!  I'm gonna go and enjoy the rest of the weekend with these cuties!


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